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My friend died two weeks ago.

His mom gave me his pc. She knew that's what he wanted.

It's full of stuff, but almost all of it is heavily encrypted.

So far I have only managed to retrieve this prototype. It is not playable by normal means in its current state, but I managed to film a short gameplay clip.

It's... Idk... unsettling.

I'll see what else I can find.

EDIT 23/02/2022

I have finally managed to fix it.

The code was a complete mess, entire lines of codes were scrambled or missing, almost as if he didn't want anyone to play it.

However, now it's playable.



What have I done?

Thanks to ZombieGamer80 for the cover art

Teletactile font by Heaven Castro

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Tags90s, Atmospheric, Creepy, Mystery, Narrative, Short, urban, Walking simulator


NightTV_the_TV_that_watches_you.zip 854 MB

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Nice Game! Pretty Creepy! Started playing at 6:26

Thank you for playing! Watching you was really useful, it gave me a couple ideas of things I can improve. For example you missed a little revelation at the end due to a time out trigger. If you get the chance to play again, try looking quickly towards the tv at the end. Anyway it was a cool video, you have talent, keep it up!

thank you! I know im 49 days late but thanks!

We need to know about Red Man

There are many theories about Red Man... I don't even know myself. Mistery.

Really well-made game, it is really freaky and ominous. looking forward to future levels 

Ominous is the best compliment it could receive! Thank you! Stay tuned for Night TV Channel 2 hehe